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Any health professional with an NPI number is eligible to become a NoticeMed member. This includes physicians, dentists, chiropractors, physical and occupational therapists, psychologist counselors, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, and physician assistants.

Go to www.NoticeMed.com, and on the home page, press JOIN.  Then follow instructions.  You will need your NPI number (this is public information available at https://NPPE.us.gov), an email address for your NoticeMed user ID, and an active credit card account.   You will be prompted to create a password.  Once you are enrolled as a member, you will receive a welcome email, and a personal, unique NoticeMed web address URL.  Then, go to ITunes for the iPhone version, or Google Play for the Android version, and purchase your mobile phone NoticeMed app.  You can then enjoy unlimited messaging with any and all NoticeMed members, local and nation-wide, mobile with the app, or on a tablet, laptop, desktop computer, or smartphone, confidential and secure.

Request an Enterprise Account from support@noticemed.com.  NoticeMed will provide a link for someone in your enterprise, designated as the Message Manager, to log in and activate the Enterprise Account.  The Message Manager can then enroll the members and staff of your enterprise in the NoticeMed Enterprise Account service.


With his or her unique NoticeMed web address URL, a NoticeMed professional member can receive one-way messages with any non-member with whom he or she has shared his or her NoticeMed web address URL.

From your membership Workstation:  LOGIN at www.noticemed.com.


Down the left hand side of the inbox find the following functions:


Notes – create and store notes for care tools, reminders, nomograms, etc.

Inbox –  view active new messages

Sent – view sent messages

HIPAA Locations – search for, activate, send/receive HIPAA location messages

Staff – create and manage Team Staff connections

User Directory – search NoticeMed member directory

Call Schedule – create and manage on-call schedules


On the upper right corner, click on your name to find the following drop list of functions:


Profile Details – view and update enrollment information

Account Settings – Activate the public messaging option, chose routing of messages to on-call, chose email notifications for new messages, set ‘Auto Log-out Time’ .  This determines when you NoticeMed messaging will automatically log out when not in active use (Auto Log out is recommended by JCAOH).  The choices are: No auto logout, 2 h, 4h, 8h, 24h   (This is different from the log-out your smartphone may have as a general setting.)

Credit Card – update credit card payment account

Billing – view payment history

Blocked users – note record of blocked users

Ask Admin – thisbutton takes the NoticeMed user to a convenient window to send                        a question or request to support@noticemed.com

Go to Account Settings, and click on:  “I want to receive notifications about new messages by email.

From a desktop computer, a NoticeMed member can attach a photo or a document, from the desk top, by drag-and-drop into the message.  From a smart phone, using the NoticeMed mobile app, a member can attach an existing photo, or take a new photo, by pressing the camera icon next to the message space and following the instructions.  Documents cannot be attached to a message from the NoticeMed mobile app, except as a photograph of the document.

A HIPAA care location is a secure NoticeMed messaging inbox that can be placed and activated, by a NoticeMed member, in a HIPAA secure care setting such as a nursing station, or answering service center, ER, Xray reading room, or pharmacy that complies with HIPAA policies and procedures.  The HIPAA care location inbox allows selected Team Staff (see below: Who are Team Staff?) to securely two-way message with NoticeMed Professional members that have pre-selected that HIPAA care location for connection.   Messages on a HIPAA care location inbox are set to auto-delete one hour after viewing.


HIPAA care locations are established by request from a NoticeMed member to support@NoticeMed.com.  HIPAA care locations are given four part names:  1.) a general health location identifier, i.e. clinic, hospital, pharmacy, 2.) a subset health location identifier, i.e. nurse station, professional office, or answering center, 3.) zip code, and 4.) State.  NoticeMed then creates the HIPAA care location portal, with the requested name, and then empowers the NoticeMed member to activate the portal inbox on the appropriate computer.  (Once activated to a computer, the inbox then cannot be transferred to any other computer or digital device.)


In a NoticeMed Enterprise Account, the Message Manager can create HIPAA location inbox portals for the Enterprise, and Professional members within the Enterprise can activate these inboxes on the chosen Enterprise computers.

After a new member is enrolled, he or she will automatically be offered connections with pre-existing HIPAA care locations within a radius of his or her zip code.   On the left hand side of the member inbox, click HIPAA Locations.  Click Your HIPAA locations to see the HIPAA care locations automatically offered.  Click Add HIPAA location, or HIPAA Directory to search for other pre-existing HIPAA care locations.  Then activate connections with chosen HIPAA locations.

Team staff are key health personnel such as clinic nurses, office managers, surgery scheduling personnel, or receptionists.  They are not eligible for NoticeMed professional membership, but a member can selectively designate up to 12 of them or secure two-way messaging. Team Staff can be linked with more than one Noticemed Professional member.  Each NoticeMed Professional member totally controls his or her connection with Team Staff.

On the left hand side of the Professional Member inbox, go to Team Staff and   follow the instructions to create a Team Staff connection.  Team staff health personnel use an email account their user ID, and are then prompted to create their account password.  Messaging from Team staff to NoticeMed members are only sent from a desktop, ipad, or laptop, and currently cannot utilize the mobile messaging with NoticeMed app.


On the left side of the Professional Member inbox, after logging in, click on On-Call Schedule.  Set the number of shifts in a 24 hour day for your schedule – chose 1, 2, or 3.   Then set the timing of the on-call shifts.  (Presently, with NoticeMed On-Call, the call shift times must be the same for every day of the week, Monday thru Sunday.)  After the shift times are designated, from the Member Search directory, select the NoticeMed members that you wish to invite to be in the on-call schedule.  (All participants in NoticeMed On-Call must be NoticeMed members.)  Each Notice Med member invited must accept your invitation before he or she can be placed in the on-call schedule.  A member accepts by clicking Accept Invitation, on their membership inbox that appears after they have been invited.  Once a member has accepted, his or her name will then appear on the roster of on-call members.  The name can then be dragged and dropped onto the appropriate day and shift on the on-call calendar.  To change an on-call designation, click on the name to be changed, on the shift and date to be changed, and click Remove.  An alternative member can then be added to the schedule.

A NoticeMed Member can block future messages from any user that has sent him or her a message.  Click Block User, on the right side of any message in the inbox, NoticeMed will no longer allow messages from the member that sent that message.   To remove a member from Blocked User status, go to Blocked Users on the drop down list from your member name on the right upper side of the professional inbox, and click on the user name, then click Unblock User.

On a desktop or laptop computer, go to www.Noticemed.com and LOGIN to your account.  Go to Profile Details.  Scroll to the bottom, and press CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION.  Your account will terminate and you will accrue no further charges.  (If you cancel less than 24 hours before the anniversary day of enrollment, NoticeMed must bill for the next month of service prior to complete discontinuation of service.)

When logging in, always use the full email address of your user ID, including the ‘@_____.com’ part of your email address.

For added security, place your phone in locked/log-in status.


Enable the automatic WiFi connection.  Like all web messaging, NoticeMed mobile app messaging will function most efficiently with WiFi connection, particularly for messages with photo attachments. Photo attachments can take a few moments to load and display.


On your smartphone settings, set the NoticeMed app to receive message notifications, and set your desired ringtone for the message notifications.


A professional member who participates in an on-call schedule, must chose, in his or her Account Settings, the“Divert to On-call” option for “Receiving messages from members and HIPAA locations”.  With this option, ‘on’, messages from Team Staff from HIPAA Care Locations will automatically go to the on-call professional, but messages from another professional will get an option to message the member or his or her on-call colleague.